Omid Mousaei

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March 2012



A Letter From The Distance

I am still waiting for the Gods and their flood. Half dead. Gazing at the road and whats ahead. Where is my mind tonight? Where are my senses and their special needs? Where are the demons that didn’t want to hurt me, but wanted to give me the sun? I chain myself to your dreams. A blur is all it seems. I am going to the moon with your love and the sparrow that keeps your secrets inside. Passed the moon and came back with a scream. I got lost before I found the stardust upon your eyes. No one has won your heart. You sleep alone. I want you to hurt me. Let me feel the difference between pleasure and pain. Doesn’t matter to me anymore if we get far. Doesn’t matter if your heart feels like it won’t be enough. Doesn’t matter if I beg and you hide the weakness that is breaking your walls down. I am nothing now. Still the man that turns back to look at you twice. I stopped running after the truth. I look for beauty in flaws. You kept me to yourself like I was your child. And there is nothing to play and no sound to make. Every word is so quiet now till the day silence is awake.