Omid Mousaei

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March 2012



A Long Ago

You were right. Love knows no time. Slowly I am getting the gist of said a long ago. I guess I had given my heart to my eyes, and my eyes to my brain, and my brain was acting as if it was my nervous hand that was holding on to your thoughts. I now know what it feels like to hang by a thread and still smile. I don’t need to know you. The experience of getting close has kept its beauty and I have learned to love you from afar. I sleep alone at nights. I am a man. But I am weak like a newborn and I beg like I never had you. Thoughts of you surround me. I fight myself to not get a hold of you. I surrender. I battle. I live. But I can’t love. Love will destroy it all. But you are my love and the closest thing to love. But love I have gave it my home. I place it all over the walls. And I worship each part of it as each part comes from a piece of you. So to say love is dead is to say im dead. I live for you.