Omid Mousaei

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April 2012



The Catfish House

Don’t feel so bad. I don’t have a worried mind. Making my way up, looking forward to see you against the sun. And the waves sleep all day, and the catfish is restless in its house, but is happy to be. Maybe you save me some time, not look at my wounds, but tell me we can have happier times. Now I have met some folks that don’t shake when they talk. I wish I could say the same, but I can never stand still when you are by my side. Take a look at what you done. You leave a smile and take away the worries of my song. Lets meet again and pass some time, lets share the stories we kept a secret for so long. I want you to know how I live inside. Its more than a few heart beats and a tasteless song. I don’t know where our road is taking us. Maybe that’s why we are holding hands and not letting anything separate us. I can’t help myself to come back to you. Maybe its because you are beautiful, or maybe its because you always smile, or maybe you are just simply so you. Don’t let my words fall behind, keep bringing me the waves pretty baby, and keep me happy inside. I have seen so many fishing boats, and I am familiar with the golden sun. I know the clouds, and I know the rain like I use to rule the sky. Come close to where the world is mine, and I can show you a sunny day that no grey sky could hide. I am walking by these railroad tracks, I am going to love everything I use to hate then way back. I can taste this, I can feel it in my bone. Maybe that’s why I watch you so close and want to place you on a throne. I am not falling, and I don’t want to fall too fast. I just want a sip, just a sip of your love and if I get greedy I would ask for it all. And I hope you feel this inside so at least I know I am not alone in the catfish house.

Must be some way I could lose track of time. Must be a way where I can go somewhere and not think of you all the time. Everyone is worried about the lonesome me, but I am free. I left myself long ago and came back when I knew I was ready. I am never packing my bags again. I am never gonna go blind and judge cause I can’t see, so don’t you love me because you feel bad for the lonesome me. One hundred million years passed in my mind. That was in matter of two minutes, but I thought of you almost one hundred million times. I missed your gaze and I miss the troubles you plan in your mind. Lets find love and have it fire up the sky. Lets find two lonely stools at a bar and share the burning we saw in the sky. Oh love, let my love knock on your door. I don’t want you to fall in love, I just want our hearts to get along. I know love doesn’t solve all my problems, but I know my love can become friends with your heart. I know you feel ok, but I got fuel for your fire and I got a thousand ways to set you free, so let my love be yours.

Its beginning of April, you hold half of the moon. I don’t know where you exactly are, but for you I will drag my legs a thousand miles. And if you can’t find me, just leave the light on. I can’t see nothing. I choose your light as my guide. And you can keep an eye on me, while you leave your lights on. Keep you lights on.